Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kitchen or no Kitchen?

I have been busy keeping myself busy these days designing our new home. I designed the one we live in now and still love it 23 years later so I am hoping that I will have that much success this time.

Where the house we live in now has been great for raising our four daughters I'm thinking that the new one needs to fit our needs and life style now.

This is where my dilemma comes into play. The kitchen I am looking at is about 14x14. That is almost 200 square feet. The cost to build a kitchen these days is area $200 a square foot.If my math is right that means this one room costs 40,000 (more than my first or second home). Now this price of course does not include appliances..another $10,000 for that and we now have $50,000 in a room that we never use.

Sooooo I am thinking....What if I just hired someone to cook our dinners for us.Surly there is someone out there that loves to cook and would like to make a little extra cash. All I would need is a drive thru window with a warming drawer.

Between what I would save on money that I throw out because I never get around to making it and not eating out all the time because I don't feel like cooking...truth is I never feel like cooking but sometimes I feel guilt....I could pay someone a nice sum of money.

I would have a lower energy bills and probably eat healthier. Not to mention my mortgage would be less.Hmmm no more pamper chef parties ....look at the money I would save there.

....What if I count out the dinning room and just admit to the world that we eat in front of the tv?

I think I have something....Think I could justify getting rid of the laundry room too?