Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring and Garage sales, what could be better

I am not a fast walker but show me a garage sale sign and I'm off and running. I hate to get there just as someone is buying the one thing I have always needed, so I jump out of my car as it's still rolling, hopefully when someone else is driving, and take off as fast as I can.

As I make the approach I scan the whole area. What large items do I see that I might be interested in? You can't assume anything. I have gotten things for a lot less than I ever imagined that they would be. I have also seen things that I thought was just there to hold their stuff and came to find out it was for sale too. I bought my kids a really cute table and chairs this way. No one saw it but me and I asked and sure enough they wanted it gone. I think I paid $10 for that set 28 years ago. Four kids later it still looks great and is waiting for grandchildren.

You also can't assume that it cost to much. The other day I saw a beautiful ceramic pot. It was very large and they wanted $75 for it. I really liked it but I knew my husband would kill me if I paid $75 for something to hold a bunch of dirt and a few dead plants....I don't have a green thumb, even though I love flowers. I asked the man if he would take $30 and he jumped at it and even loaded it in my car.

I have lately been buying kitchen gadgets. I am not much of a cook so therefore I don't tend to spend money on all the latest and greatest things out there. The other day I came across a bread machine in the box for $20. I have never even thought about having one of these but I decided why not. Wow, what a great thing to have. I love fresh baked bread and when I was a young bride I use to work hard at kneading and baking fresh bread and rolls. This is great...all the calories and none of the calorie burn....hmmm on second thought...

Today I got a rocket blender ....never been used for $4.

I'm thinking a nice smoothie would go well with a loaf of bread.

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