Friday, April 2, 2010


Today is good Friday ...the beginning of Easter weekend.

Easter has always been an important time in my family. I can remember as a little girl my parents would take me to the capital grounds in Iowa and my brother and I would run around, along with every other child in town, to find Easter eggs. Such a time of joy.

The next day would be Easter morning. My mom would get up early to make sure my brother and I looked perfect on this day. Out would come the pink spongy rollers that mom had put in my hair the night before. On went the Easter bonnet with the elastic under the chin making a red mark that I thought would never go away.

The very last thing mom would let me put on was my beautiful white shoes. I loved those shoes. This was the first time all year that white shoes could be worn so mom would buy me new ones and they were to last me all summer.

I was advised to be careful how I walked because if the shoes rubbed against each other they would make a big black marks. There was no way I could make it all the way through service with out making alot of scuff marks but next week mom would get the Vaseline out and clean them up like new. Today I just had to keep them nice through pictures and hopefully to Sunday school, where I would show them off to all my friends.

People don't tend to make a big deal about Easter anymore. Many people may just wear their jeans to service, if they go at all. And I guess that is ok, it's just .....

When we would walk into the church....My dad looking so handsome, my mom in her beautiful dress and hat, my brother in his bow tie and me hanging onto my little white Bible with my gloved hands. I felt like we were coming before the King of Kings.

And when my little church would sing out "Up from the Grave He Arose" my heart would jump with pride knowing that my savior did that for me. So this Easter who knows, maybe I just might pull out an Easter bonnet or at least some gloves and hum "Up from the Grave" as I walk into church.

Happy Easter

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