Friday, March 5, 2010

Bad News....

After cleaning out my closet and finding almost nothing fit, I found myself very depressed. There was a part of me that still didn't want to admit that I could have gained this much weight. I was thinking that maybe the humidity had gotten really high in my closet and had shrunk all my clothes.

You may laugh but I bet you came up with your own excuses...Maybe yours was "it's that time of the month" or "I had a big dinner last night". Excuses like those got me to where I am now....needing a bigger excuse.

I went shopping yesterday and either the humidity thing has been going on all over the state or it's true.....I've gained a lot of weight. It did cross my mind that maybe just maybe the factories had gotten their pattern sizes messed up but I figure what was the chances of that happening at the very same time as my humidity problem?

So now what? I'm starting with water... I know that every diet you read says to drink a lot of water so maybe that is really the key. I am going to but a bottle of water in my car and beside my chair. If I keep water with me at all times I may tend to drink it more often instead of jumping up and feeding my face....another one of my problems is I'm lazy so I figure I might as well use it for my benefit.

Please share with me some of your ways that you have added water to your life.


  1. I am usually pretty good about drinking water! Sometimes buying a a new cutsie water bottle helps. And then add a little lemon or lime or just put blueberries, strawberries or a little of all and it flavors it just enough...and then when the water is all gone you get to eat the soggy fruit! lol! It helps me cause sometime plain water chokes me! Somewhere on my blog a year ago or so I posted stuff about drinking enough water.

  2. I too am a victim of weight gain...excuse...we have had a pretty stressful year...found comfort in the wrong things. Now to get the extra 25 punds off again so I too can fit in my clothes. I am stubborn and refuse to go buy bigger clothes, so I'll veg in sweats, tee's, and skirts till I can get back into my capri's and tops.

  3. well I have been doing that and have only gained more....I went and bought just a couple of pants that don't reminds me not to have one more cookie. Plus I find I don't feel beautiful when I dress like that so I don't care how I I eat. Fat may never look beautiful on me but I need to look as best as I can....if not for me but for my family. Believe me...I would rather wear my sweats.

  4. Water is deffinately a problem and our cells really do need it to be healthy. Alas, I am back to the fruits and veggies idea because they hava a high water content. You probably need 80 to 90 ounces a day but the good news is you can get some of that water from the fruits and veggies. So the more your diet contains fruits and veggies the less water you need to drink. I don't really know why but I don't like water. It's probably the chemicals that have been added to it to purify it. Go figure.