Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life Lessons

I'm not smarter, I'm just older. That is one of my husbands favorite says these days. Life has a way of teaching all of us things that we could never imagine when we were younger.

One of these things is that even though your parents want to be your friend, now that you are an adult, that friendship comes with some restrictions.

Here are a few of them.....if you got all the way through school with your mother believing you never tried pot believe me she doesn't want to be told different now.

If you must tell some one your story about last nights bedroom activities, look at your mother and ask yourself, do you really want her to share this information with you?

If your mother is in a nursing home and about out of money, don't share this information with her, just fix it. What do you want her to do about it? I guess she could take nude shots, put them in a calender and try to sell them but do you really want her to?

We all have a right to leave this world thinking that we did a pretty good job while we were here and someone is going to miss us when we are gone. So even if your mother was crappy suck it up and lie. God will forgive you and maybe just maybe someone will do the same for you some day.

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