Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bless the hands

When I was a child my grandfather use to pray at every family gathering. Thinking back to those prayers still brings comfort to my soul.

When ever we were about to eat, my grandfather would ask the Lord to bless the hands that had prepared the food. I never really understood why he did it yet I never asked him either.

This morning I got thinking about those hands. The hands that had worked so hard to make me a fine meal. The hands that took time to comfort me when I needed it and time to point a finger at me when I needed that. These hands that were both soft and yet firm. These hands that were raised both praising the Lord and sending requests in my behalf.

I am thankful for those hands and for a Grandfather that knew just how important they were.


  1. Was this your Grandpa Burgett? Dan has so many great memories of him. He remembers staying a few days with them and every night they would kneel at the couch and pray before they went to bed!! I got to meet him one time back in Iowa! Super neat Grandpa!!!

  2. Yep...Grandpa Burgett was the only grandpa I ever knew. I also remember those nights of prayer. I always said that if my grandpa ever met you he was still praying for you. Thats what it seemed to me as I would kneel beside him as a child

  3. Loved your post. I only have one grandfather I remember and he too, along with my grandmother were very devoted. I love thinking back to him and the few years I had known him. He died when I was 10 but I will never forget his prayers. Fortunately I received his little prayer bible. Your post gave me an idea for a post. Thanks for sharing.