Saturday, February 20, 2010

Over or Under

I have been married to Mr. Amazing for over 31 years. Even though he is amazing....and of course I'm perfect, we have still found things to disagree about over the years. One of the reasons he is Mr. Amazing is because even if he doesn't agree, most of the time, he will let me have my way.

My daughter is in her first year of marriage and it reminds me of the adjustments that all of us make that first year. Some of these adjustments are harder than others. Someone once told me that before you fight about something, think about whether it's worth getting a divorce over. Arguments have a way of growing out of proportion.

Take the old age dispute of which way the toilet paper should go...over or under? Wouldn't you be embarrassed to tell people that you were getting a divorce over toilet paper?

Don't get me wrong...there was a time when I thought this was an important thing to agree on, but now my toilet paper holder looks like this most of the time.

See, I have four daughters and we tend to go through A LOT of toilet paper. Time has taught me that it doesn't matter which way it goes on the roll as long as it ends up close to the toilet.

There have been times that I was just happy it was close to the bathroom. The fact that we had some in the house felt like a blessing.

Don't sweat the small stuff....and most of it is small stuff. That is how to be married for a very long time.


  1. How toilet paper roll is most of the time empty and the roll is asways on the counter. Unless company is coming of course!!!!

  2. I wonder if Martha Stewert has this problem too.