Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Garage Sale time!

The weekend is fast approaching and if you want to become a true garage sale guru then you must start now.

Check out your local paper for any garage sales that might be advertised. If you don't get the paper, then ask someone that does if you can have their's when they are done. My kids use to tell their teachers that they got used newspapers so they never knew the headlines until a day later.

If you have a Craigslist that is for your area, this is a great source.

Circle any garage sales that look interesting to you, and then get your map out and plan your attack. Once again, better neighborhoods have better stuff. The main problem here is that a lot of these people have never been to a garage sale, so they have no idea how it works. They will sometimes say...I marked it down 25% off what I paid for it. This is no can get that in the store.

Neighborhood garage sales are the best. This is where the whole neighborhood decides to have their garage sales on the same day. If you are doing one of these make sure you are wearing good walking shoes because sometimes you have to do a lot of walking.

"Cause" garage sales are fun too. This is where people have donated items to be sold for a cause. They are often in a community center. Sometimes you can get in a day early to these if you pay a fee. If you believe in the cause, then what do you have to lose? If you are going on the regular advertised day, get there very early. My daughter and I went to a sale for cancer a few weeks ago and waited in line about an hour and a half just to get in. The fire marshal would only let so many in at a time. This is when you will be glad you went with someone. Time with a daughter is always time well spent.

Estate sales are good if you like antique or vintage things. This is where someone has died and they are selling everything. Sometimes I find these a little depressing, especially when I can't find anything I would want if they gave it to me. I then wonder what my own estate sale would look like. These days I usually end up going home and cleaning out my junk.

If you are going to go garage sale shopping, take a friend. It is always safer to have someone else looking for signs while you are driving.

Get started at sunrise. You want to be the first one out there to find the best deals.

Take a tape measure with you, and any measurements you may need....window sizes etc.

Always take small bills. People do not want to take a twenty dollar bill for a dollar item.

Take your phone....chances are you will find something that is prefect for someone else.

Clean out your car before you go. I have a girlfriend that always forgets to do that and there we are trying to stuff something big into the car around two car seats and a stroller.

Bring a good attitude. This is supposed to be fun. Besides, you can talk people down on their price if they like you. Chances are they like the item that you want and they want it to have a happy home.

Good luck, be safe, and let me know what you find.

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