Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Step Right In

If you are my age and you haven't been to a Goodwill or Salvation Army in years, then you may have the wrong idea of what these stores are like. I remember going to Salvation Army when I was a kid and it was bad. I was always looking for rats...don't worry...the stores are not like that anymore. Many of these stores take great care in merchandising their items. I was at a Goodwill in Boca Raton recently and it looked like a little boutique. So, if you haven't ever been or it's been awhile, give it a try.

You may have the idea that these stores are for the very poor. This is not true, if you take a look at the cars in most of these parking lots you will normally find very expensive brands. Why? Because if you save money on one thing you then have more to spend on something else.

So you have learned in my last blog how to find the right store, but you still aren't sure you are cut out for all of this. That's okay; we will take it slowly. Here is how to get started....Go in looking for just one thing. This will help you from getting overwhelmed by it all. Belts are a great place to start. Most people don't get freaked out by wearing someone's belt like you might shoes or PJ's . Yet belts can cost a lot in the department store and it's always fun to have a wide selection to choose from to change up an outfit. Belts are usually hanging on the end of a aisle.

When you are buying used, it's important to remember that there is a reason that the person got rid of it. Maybe it didn't fit...try it on to make sure it fits you...does the buckle work? Look it it well made? Do you have something to wear it with? It isn't a good deal if you are going to run to Macy's to buy an outfit to go with it.

If belts don't do it for you, ties are another great place to start. My mother use to tell me to watch the news anchors and see what they are wearing to keep track on what's in style. Look on the back and check out the name, I have gotten very expensive ties that would go for $40 in the department store for just $1.99. Again think of why people get rid of ties...out of style...stain on it...hard to find something to go with it. If it doesn't fall into one of these categories then you may have found a treasure.

While you are in the store gaze around. Most likely there are dressing rooms and things are arranged much like Target would have them arranged. The toys are together, as are women's clothes, with household items in another area. Maybe you aren't ready yet to go in those areas that's okay, one step at a time. There might not be a belt or a tie you wanted, but don't let that stop you. Unlike most department stores, new things are being brought out daily. Every day is a new day at a thrift shop so just try another day who knows what treasures will be waiting for you.

Please let me know what treasures you have found!

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