Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Sister

My sister is coming to visit this weekend. I find sister time to be more and more special the older I get. I'm sure there will be times of laughter and tears, like there usually is.

My mother in her old age often talks about her sisters and mother and yet she can't remember her own children. It reminds me just how important sister times are.

If my sister and I were to go on a friendship website we would probably never get hooked up with each other. Our likes and dislikes are very different and yet I think if we were in the same room I'd want to be her friend. Why? Because she has a wonderful laugh. Without laughter life would be a very sad place.

My sister and I have laughed together through many of life's trials. We got lost on a road trip and giggled ourselves silly. We laughed together at our grandfathers funeral recalling old times. We laughed as we watched Alzheimer's slowly take each of our parents. We even laughed as we stood beside our father's death bed. If we didn't the pain would just be to deep to bare.

A big sister is not just there to share life with, but to remind you that you come from good stock and you can get this thing called long as you take the time to laugh.

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  1. Aww. I love this. And I couldn't agree more. Sisters are the best. :)