Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What do I say? have now not only found the store but you have now walked in. You have come along way towards becoming a thrift shopper.

Maybe you bought something on your first trip to the store, but now you have the dilemma of how to answer when someone asks you where you got it. Most people take a while before they are quite ready to give that information. For some reason we are ashamed of the good deal that we got. That will change in time, in fact I now find myself having to fight the sin of pride in my good deals.

But in the mean time your tongue is twisted up in your mouth and you can't answer. Here you go without coming right out and telling a lie....which I never think is a good idea. You can say you got it at a cute little boutique that you came can even come up with a name for the shop. My mother use to call the Salvation Army "Sally's". I don't think my mother was ever ashamed of where she shopped, I think it was just a shorter name for her. But when I was a teen and was embarrassed of where my clothes came from I would often use this name just to throw my friends off.

On that thought you might want to keep it from your teens for a while. I remember my daughter complaining that everything she owned was used when she got it. I told her I didn't want her to be embarrassed and I then took her to the closet and started to take out everything she owned that once was someone else's. She quickly stopped me...realizing she would have nothing to wear the next day and never complained again.

Pride is a funny thing. Try to refocus that pride on the money you have saved and the good deals you have found.

I got two of these chairs for $10 dollars each at a local thrift shop. I had to do nothing to them but buy a yard of fabric and put it on the cushions. I love these chairs and would never own them if I had to pay the hundreds of dollars that they go for in the furniture stores.

Do you have a find that you want to brag about?

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